"It is not the HONOR that you take with you, but the HERITAGE you leave behind."

Don Johnson Exhibit

Don Johnson and his family have lived in Marion County, KY for about 20 years.  He lived veryquietly while they raised their children and no one locally really knew that we had such an unbelievable talent in our midst.

Marion County Heritage Center is the home of Don Johnson’s Musical Instrument Collection which contains the largest collection of horns in the US made by the J.W. Pepper Co.  It is a beautiful collection and contains many one of a kind horns. He won the National Trumpet Competition three times and was awarded two gold plated horns which are also displayed.

Marion County Heritage Center Don Johnson

The Heritage Center is also the home of the Kentucky Baroque Trumpets which was founded by Don Johnson in 2004.  The Kentucky Baroque Trumpets recreate the sound and styles of the baroque trumpet including signal calls, calvary music, dance music, duets, and solo music.  Don has performed at the Kennedy Center, three Presidential inaugurations, toured in Taiwan and Europe, performed at the Smithsonian, National Archives, National Museum and recorded for the National Museum of Music.

The Heritage Center is also the home of President Lincoln’s Own Band.  Don Johnson was asked by the producers of Stephen Spielberg’s ”Lincoln” to be the Artistic Director and create a band that would replicate President Lincoln’s Marine Band.  The band was featured in the movie with Don doing a solo.  President Lincoln’s Own Band was also in the National Geographic move “Killing Lincoln.”  The red uniforms that were in the movie “Lincoln” and “Killing Lincoln” are on display at the Marion County Heritage Center.

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