"It is not the HONOR that you take with you, but the HERITAGE you leave behind."

The Marion County Heritage Center showcases all things Marion County from the time the county began in 1834 through the present day.

We proudly house the Marion County Historical Society and we’re also the premier location for all the nuances of Marion County history. You’ll find facts, events, special happenings, defining features, celebrities and many other unique things that have made (and continue to make) Marion County distinct from anywhere else in Kentucky. In addition to serving as a living time capsule for Lebanon, Kentucky and the immediate area, we also have the only Turtleman Exhibit in existence, exhibits for both musical and movie buffs, and many other intriguing displays as well! Don’t take our word for it, though. Come visit us and learn first-hand why we, and so many others, are honored to call Marion County ”home.” 

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